We're happy and proud to present to you the JCCSF's annual report for 2013 – 14. Thanks to your help, it's been an exhilarating year for us. Celebrating 10 years in our new building, we served more than 75,000 people, grew our community and our programs and expanded our reach in even more innovative ways. Your commitment, your participation and your financial support sustain the programs that serve every member of our extended community. Thank you!

Mission & Values

The mission of the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco is to enrich Jewish life, build Jewish identity, promote the development of meaningful bonds within our community and facilitate connections with Israel and Jews worldwide. The JCCSF is the Jewish gateway and neighborhood where all are welcome. It provides quality experiences through a mix of formal and informal Jewish educational, recreational and cultural activities. People of all ages are invited to participate at their level of interest and encouraged toward higher levels of involvement in Jewish life and in the community at large.

Centers of Excellence

Claude & Louise Rosenberg Early Childhood Education Program

Eugene & Elinor Friend Center for the Arts

Gold Center for Youth & Family

Kanbar Center for Media & Technology

Koret Center for Health, Fitness & Sport

Kritzer/Ross Émigré Program

Richard & Rhoda Goldman Center for Adult Living & Learning

Taube Koret Center for Jewish Peoplehood

Board of Directors 2013 – 14


Warren S. Browner, MD, MPH


Shana Penn
Toby Rosenblatt


Eric Prosnitz


David Meckler


Jen Traeger-Hirschfelder


Sophie Ross


Barry Finestone

Sinjin Bain
Mark W. Bernstein
David Crane
Richard Fiedotin
Bob Fields
Benjamin Friend
Marci Glazer
Steve Goodman
Holly Hagens
Joshua Joseph
Karen Kahn
David Katznelson
Laura Klapper
Susan Lowenberg
Phil Schlein
Lara Edelbaum Sunshine
Sheldon Wolfe

Year in Review

Hula dancers: What's Your Talent?

Sukkah: Sukkot in the City

Rewinding the Torah: Simchat Torah

Last year at the JCCSF...

we offered innovative programs that fostered community through every stage of life, both within and outside of our walls.

Record numbers of children – preschoolers to high school seniors – attended our Summer Camps. Teens pursued their passions and learned to lead, as artists, athletes, citizens and mentors to younger children. Year-round youth programs flourished, from sports leagues to ceramics, from the JCCSF Dance School to HYC, our outstanding afterschool program.

Adults were treated to new classes like urban gardening, and offered resources, free for all, through our annual resource fairs, the Art of Financial Well-Being and the Art of Aging Gracefully – 2014 winner of the JCC Association's Biennial Zahav Award for "truly outstanding, visionary initiatives." The second annual What's Your Talent? in Kanbar Hall showcased the diverse abilities of our community members, featuring everything from baton twirling to hula dancing.

We brought the community together...

"As a new mother, the JCCSF was instrumental in my transition... I'm a better mom because of your help."
– JCCSF Childcare Parent

...with opportunities for people of all ages to gather in celebration, honor traditions and think about age-old ideas in brand-new ways. We went Jewishing, creating new programs and bolstering existing ones in order to explore Judaism as a dynamic system of choices, and to deepen engagement with Jewish wisdom in support of individual and community well-being.

We also explored Jewish themes from a variety of angles in 3200 Stories, our digital venue with a global reach. With thought-provoking articles, videos, and podcasts, 3200 Stories poses questions such as: of the traditions we've had handed down or invented for ourselves, what truly sustains us; what's worth keeping? Investigating themes like Tradition, Family, and Travel That Changed Us, 3200 Stories aims to do no less than reshape how we see the world.

Celebrating 10 years in the current building at 3200 California St.

We celebrated 10 years in this building,

completing a major renovation of the fitness center and spa and welcoming ever-greater numbers to classes and events. Our Arts & Ideas program had something for everyone, from luminaries like Isabella Rossellini, Garrison Keillor, and Grammy-winner Angélique Kidjo to family favorites like Circus Bella. Our sun-dappled atrium was converted into an impromptu stage for dancers and an elegant string quartet, as the Garrett + Moulton Productions presented "A Show of Hands," free to all, for six days running.

"We are really happy to be a part of the JCCSF family. I used to come to after-school programs when I was a kid when it was the old building; now I bring my sons to the new building. We loved Oneg Shabbat last year and attended the Saturdays Unplugged this summer as well. We are in favor of more Saturdays Unplugged, and not just in the summer!"
– Lesley Aiken

Beyond our walls,

the JCCSF Travel Program took its first trip to China, and the Kanbar Center for Media and Technology, our eighth center of excellence, expanded the community experience through original, exclusively online programming. Closer to home, we partnered with Congregation Emanu-El to present former US Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner, crossed town and sold out the 1200-seat Castro Theatre for The Lisa & Douglas Goldman Lecture by Malcolm Gladwell, and joined with SPUR for Sukkot in the City, an innovative holiday celebration in a decidedly urban environment. At 3200 California Street and beyond, online and in person, we connected and engaged, creating an ever-evolving community where life is at its most varied and vibrant.

Malcolm Gladwell at the Castro Theater

"Where else would I get the opportunity to meet great authors in person, read Nobel Laureate Saul Bellow's Seize the Day, get to know concentration camp survivors, drive to the aromatic lavender fields and witness a rabbi bless the food and distribute bread to everybody at the Shabbat lunch? I am immensely impressed with this institution, which offers so much to everybody."
– Maya Thadhani

Our Community

Last year, the JCCSF served over

75,000 PEOPLE.


were filled during our Arts & Ideas season


learned, created and explored in our preschools


joined us for Passover seders


enjoyed 17,213 hot, nutritious lunches through our Kosher Lunch Program

Youth & Teens

found their passion in camps, dance classes and athletic programs

Children & Adults

pursued wellness in our Fitness Center

40,000 people

took the conversation online at our digital venue, 3200 Stories.

The most-read stories last year were:

Encounter with an Artist: Ilana Shafir

Bay Area Youth to Play for Tel Aviv Sabres

Backstage Pass(over): The Music

With Arts & Ideas On Demand

we continued to offer live streams and video recordings of our Arts & Ideas programs – featuring big names with big ideas – expanding our Arts & Ideas views to six figures.

The most viewed?

Our live interview with KISS' Paul Stanley, with


views (and counting).

We partnered with local organizations to reach the most vulnerable of our community members.

Our Tikkun Ha-olam drives and events helped collect:


of food for the Women's Building Pantry and San Francisco Food Bank

Prom Dresses

for the Princess Project

Bundles of Books, Bears and Blankets

for Project Night Night

Toiletry Bags

(toothbrush, soap, socks, etc.) for Project Homeless Connect's mobile shower launch

...and much, much more!

Most Searched on JCCSF.org:

287,525 new and 304,105 returning visitors found what they were looking for at jccsf.org.

Lifetime Leadership

We gratefully acknowledge the extraordinary generosity of the following donors, whose cumulative gifts to all JCCSF campaigns total $1,000,000 or higher, from 1995 through the present. For the full Annual Report and donor listings, please view our PDF.


Barbara & Gerson Bakar

California Department of Parks and Recreation

Naomi & Jeffrey Caspe

Helen Diller Family Foundation

Carol & Howard Fine

Doris & Donald* Fisher

Phyllis Friedman

The Friend Family

Linda & Sanford Gallanter

The David B. Gold Foundation

Lisa & Douglas Goldman Fund

Richard & Rhoda Goldman Fund

Mimi & Peter Haas Fund

The Walter & Elise Haas Fund

The Hellman Family Foundation

Newhouse Fund of the Jewish Community Federation and Endowment Fund

Jewish Community Federation and Endowment Fund

Maurice Kanbar

Koret Foundation

Maribelle & Stephen Leavitt

Terry Levin & John Phillips Levin

The Mondry-Cohen Family

Barbro & Bernard Osher/The Bernard Osher Jewish Philanthropies Foundation

Emily Scott Pottruck & David Pottruck

Lisa & John Pritzker Family Fund

Varda & Irving* Rabin

Louise & Claude Rosenberg, Jr. Family Foundation

Janet* & Albert* Schultz

Barbara B. Shupin*

Roselyne C. Swig

Dianne & Tad Taube/Taube Foundation for Jewish Life & Culture

Ingrid Tauber & Frank Taforo/Laszlo N. Tauber Family Foundation

The Harry & Jeanette Weinberg Foundation

Partial Listing
* May their memory be a blessing

Visionaries $250,000+

We gratefully acknowledge the inspiring generosity of those whose gifts ensure the JCCSF continues to serve the community with the finest programs possible. Together we are creating a vibrant, warm and inclusive community. For the full Annual Report and donor listings, please view our PDF.

Jewish Community Federation and Endowment Fund

Koret Foundation

Ingrid Tauber & Frank Taforo

Laszlo N. Tauber Family Foundation

Partial Listing
* May their memory be a blessing

Heroes $100,000 – $249,000

We gratefully acknowledge the inspiring generosity of those whose gifts ensure the JCCSF continues to serve the community with the finest programs possible. Together we are creating a vibrant, warm and inclusive community. For the full Annual Report and donor listings, please view our PDF.

Barbara & Gerson Bakar

Friend Family Foundation

Lisa & Douglas Goldman Fund

The Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation

Nancy & Stephen Grand

The Walter & Elise Haas Fund

Jenerosity Foundation

Maurice Kanbar

Newhouse Fund of the Jewish Community Federation and Endowment Fund

Bernard Osher Jewish Philanthropies Foundation

San Francisco Human Services Agency Department of Aging & Adult Services

Staci & Jamie Slaughter

Taube Foundation for Jewish Life & Culture

Partial Listing
* May their memory be a blessing

Champions $50,000 – $99,000

We gratefully acknowledge the inspiring generosity of those whose gifts ensure the JCCSF continues to serve the community with the finest programs possible. Together we are creating a vibrant, warm and inclusive community. For the full Annual Report and donor listings, please view our PDF.

Crankstart Foundation

Sanford & Linda Gallanter Foundation

Anne & Nick Germanacos

John & Marcia Goldman Foundation

Mimi & Peter Haas Fund

Michael Moritz & Harriet Heyman

Lisa & John Pritzker Family Fund

San Francisco Department of Children, Youth & Their Families

The Morris B. Stulsaft Foundation

Partial Listing
* May their memory be a blessing


Support & Revenue

Fitness Center $12,647,000
Program Revenue $12,961,000
Contributions & Grants $4,360,000
Investment Income, Net $3,687,000
Ancillary Services $2,038,000
Miscellaneous $710,000
Special Events, Net $623,000
Total Revenue $37,026,000


Program Services
Fitness Center $8,245,000
Adult $6,053,000
Early Childhood Education $6,351,000
Youth & Family $5,087,000
Ancillary Services $2,101,000
Total Program Services $27,837,000
Supporting Services
Management & General $4,917,000
Development $1,426,000
Total Supporting Services $6,343,000
Total Expenses $34,180,000
Total Expenses
Less Depreciation
updated 11/11/2014

Positive variances shown in these statements were distributed to our reserve accounts for ongoing site and program maintenance and improvement. This condensed financial information has been derived from the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco's financial statements for the year ending June 30,2014. These financial statements have been audited by Hood & Strong LLP. For a complete copy of the 2013 – 14 financial statements, please contact Adrian Breitfeld, Chief Financial Officer, at abreitfeld@jccsf.org or view financials online.

Next Up

The JCCSF is constantly changing and growing – reinventing the ways we connect to community, explore Jewish identity and create wellness.

In 2014 – 15, we're bringing a new crop of artists, authors and entrepreneurs to the stage and to personal devices all over the world. We're exploring Judaism as an evolving civilization, and we're discovering ways to support our users in enhancing their physical, spiritual and intellectual wellness. And we're continuing to build partnerships throughout the Bay Area to create new opportunities for community service.

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