We're delighted to share with you these highlights, showcasing how the JCCSF promotes lifelong learning, creative expression, a holistic sense of wellbeing and joyful connections among people every day. Your personal participation and financial support are so deeply valued and essential to our mission. Drawing on the rich resources of thousands of years of Jewish civilization, the JCCSF creates delightful experiences that help individuals and families of every description to live lives of purpose and meaning. In this modern world, where choices, information and opportunities abound, thank you for spending your time and resources nurturing this community.

With gratitude,
Marci Glazer
Chief Executive Officer

Mission & Values

The mission of the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco is to enrich Jewish life, build Jewish identity, promote the development of meaningful bonds within our community and facilitate connections with Israel and Jews worldwide. The JCCSF is the Jewish gateway and neighborhood where all are welcome. It provides quality experiences through a mix of formal and informal Jewish educational, recreational and cultural activities. People of all ages are invited to participate at their level of interest and encouraged toward higher levels of involvement in Jewish life and in the community at large.

Centers of Excellence

Claude & Louise Rosenberg Early Childhood Education Program

Eugene & Elinor Friend Center for the Arts

Gold Center for Youth & Family

Kanbar Center for Media & Technology

Koret Center for Health, Fitness & Sport

Kritzer/Ross Émigré Program

Richard & Rhoda Goldman Center for Adult Living & Learning

Taube Koret Center for Jewish Peoplehood

Board of Directors


Warren S. Browner, MD, MPH


Mark W. Bernstein


Shana Penn


Toby Rosenblatt


Susan Lowenberg


Jen Traeger-Hirschfelder


Sophie Ross


Marci Glazer

Sinjin Bain
Jennifer Hymes Battat
David Crane
Bob Fields
Benjamin Friend
Steve Goodman
Holly Hagens
Jodi Sherman Jahic
Joshua Joseph
David Katznelson
Eric Prosnitz
Phil Schlein
Vic Sher
Lara Edelbaum Sunshine
Rob Wolfson

Year in Review

Last year…

…we inspired learning for people of all ages.

We helped children and adults alike experience the excitement and wonder of learning. Our Summer Camp set the stage for thousands of campers to discover confidence and friendship through food truck challenges, musical theater, blogging and more. The joy of learning wasn’t just for the kids. Adults found new passions and engaged with fresh ideas. We provided both hands-on cooking classes and lectures from renowned chefs such as Yotam Ottolenghi.



Enthusiasts mastered new photography skills and got inspired by conflict-zone photographer Lynsey Addario. Humor took center stage – we offered improv classes and comedy jams, as well as a hilarious conversation between groundbreaking comedians Aasif Mandvi and Rajiv Satyal. Older adults found a home away from home, spending the day at free lectures, book clubs and wellness workshops.

Last year…

…we sparked creativity and imagination.

Small superheroes and tiny ballerinas flew through the air in our dance, gymnastics and movement classes. Our new JCCSF Citywide program helped kids all across San Francisco express themselves through arts and dance programs hand-delivered to their neighborhood schools. Our annual Battle of the Bands provided a stage for 75 teens to share their gift of music. Performers ages 25 to 85 challenged themselves to dazzle the audience at our third annual “What's Your Talent?” variety show. Even our halls and walls got into the fun, as the atrium and surrounding galleries came alive with exhibitions, public performances and free talks on music and art. Both adults and children found the joy of creating their own masterpieces in our ceramics studio, and then pride in sharing their works in our seasonal art shows.

Last year…

…we promoted a holistic approach to wellness.

Wellbeing was found all over the JCCSF – in the gym, in the play yard and at lunch with old and new friends. Our fitness staff provided encouragement and acceptance to thousands of Members on their own personal journeys toward wellness. Our programs for youth promoted holistic development. Sportsmanship was integrated with skills building. Youth of all ages acquired vital life skills – over a thousand children learned how to swim each month, while hundreds of preschoolers began to feel confident away from the nest and developed relationships with teachers and new friends.


Teens had a blast and learned the importance of leadership. We provided a place for older adults to connect with one another over hot kosher lunches six days a week, and to challenge themselves with everything from mah jongg to meditation. They, and so many others who came through our doors, walked out feeling healthier, happier and more connected.

Last year…

…we brought people together to celebrate and connect.

People gathered every day in our atrium and found a home away from home – a space to chat, work, relax or just sit quietly together and read. Our Saturdays Unplugged community events welcomed hundreds of families with young children to experience screen-free afternoons filled with food, crafts and live music. We celebrated birthdays with older adults, enjoyed dance parties with exuberant teens and shared a toast with our Émigré community to ring in the New Year.

We created opportunities for people to experience new and familiar ways to celebrate, whether at Ocean Beach for the Rosh Hashanah tashlih ritual, or at the JCCSF for the bustling Purim Unmasked festival and Passover seders. Our JCCSF community brought the Jewish calendar to life.

Our Community

Last year, the JCCSF served over

75,000 PEOPLE


served to older adults


danced and learned together at the JCCSF


used our space for their events


unplugged during our Saturday celebrations


adorned the faces of JCCSF staff members


were filled during our Arts & Ideas season


led to greater wellness at our Fitness Center


benefitted from educational and athletic programs

“The JCCSF is a true community center that provides so many opportunities to enhance the lives of San Francisco families. I look forward to many more years of art, dance and music exploration at the JCCSF for me and my family.”
– Parent, Youth Recreation Program

With Arts & Ideas On Demand, we continued to offer live streams and video recordings of our programs – featuring big names with big ideas – expanding our audience by hundreds of thousands.

The most watched? Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon in conversation with Carrie Brownstein with 83,811 views.

Second, Neil Gaiman and Michael Chabon with 72,809 views.

“I’ve been coming here almost every day for 15 years. At first, I didn’t know anyone. Now, all my friends are here. And not only that, my whole life is here at the center. I paint, I play bridge, I work out. I feel very comfortable here – like I belong.”
– Participant, Adult Recreation Program

We emphasize Jewishing – doing Jewish over being Jewish – by cultivating community, hosting gatherings and engaging in San Francisco civic life.

Preschool families

brought Jewish rituals home


helped with tikkun ha-olam at organizations throughout San Francisco


raised a glass (or four) at our three Passover seders

Lifelong learners

studied Hebrew, talked Talmud and explored Jewishing

Lifetime Leadership

We gratefully acknowledge the extraordinary generosity of the following donors, whose cumulative gifts to all JCCSF campaigns total $1,000,000 or higher, from 1995 through the present. For the full Annual Report and donor listings, please view our PDF.


Barbara & Gerson Bakar

California Department of Parks and Recreation

Naomi & Jeffrey Caspe

Helen Diller Family Foundation

Carol & Howard Fine

Doris & Donald* Fisher

Phyllis Friedman

The Friend Family

Linda & Sanford Gallanter

The David B. Gold Foundation

Lisa and Douglas Goldman Fund

Richard & Rhoda Goldman Fund

Mimi & Peter Haas Fund

Walter & Elise Haas Fund

The Hellman Family Foundation

Newhouse Fund of the Jewish Community Federation and Endowment Fund

Jewish Community Federation and Endowment Fund

Maurice Kanbar

Koret Foundation

Maribelle & Stephen Leavitt

Terry Levin & John Phillips Levin

The Mondry-Cohen Family

Barbro & Bernard Osher/The Bernard Osher Jewish Philanthropies Foundation

Emily Scott Pottruck & David Pottruck

Lisa & John Pritzker Family Fund

Varda & Irving* Rabin

Louise & Claude Rosenberg, Jr. Family Foundation

Janet* & Albert* Schultz

Barbara B. Shupin*

Roselyne C. Swig

Dianne & Tad Taube/Taube Foundation for Jewish Life & Culture

Ingrid Tauber & Frank Taforo/Laszlo N. Tauber Family Foundation

The Harry & Jeanette Weinberg Foundation

Partial Listing
* May their memory be a blessing

Visionaries $250,000+

We gratefully acknowledge the inspiring generosity of those whose gifts ensure that the JCCSF continues to serve the community with the finest programs possible. Together we are creating a vibrant, warm and inclusive community. For the full Annual Report and donor listings, please view our PDF.

Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation

Jewish Community Federation and Endowment Fund

Koret Foundation

Staci & Jamie Slaughter

Ingrid Tauber & Frank Taforo

Ingrid D. Tauber Philanthropic Fund of the JCEF

Laszlo N. Tauber Family Foundation

Partial Listing
* May their memory be a blessing

Heroes $100,000 – $249,999

We gratefully acknowledge the inspiring generosity of those whose gifts ensure that the JCCSF continues to serve the community with the finest programs possible. Together we are creating a vibrant, warm and inclusive community. For the full Annual Report and donor listings, please view our PDF.

Friend Family Foundation

Anne Germanacos

Lisa and Douglas Goldman Fund

Nancy & Stephen Grand

Walter & Elise Haas Fund

Jenerosity Foundation

Maurice Kanbar

Bernard Osher Jewish Philanthropies Foundation

San Francisco Human Services Agency Department of Aging & Adult Services

Taube Foundation for Jewish Life & Culture

Partial Listing
* May their memory be a blessing

Champions $50,000 – $99,999

We gratefully acknowledge the inspiring generosity of those whose gifts ensure that the JCCSF continues to serve the community with the finest programs possible. Together we are creating a vibrant, warm and inclusive community. For the full Annual Report and donor listings, please view our PDF.

Gerson & Barbara Bakar

Brin Wojcicki Foundation

CrankStart Foundation

Sanford & Linda Gallanter Foundation

The Germanacos Foundation

John & Marcia Goldman Foundation

Mimi & Peter Haas Fund

Harriet Heyman & Michael Moritz

Newhouse Fund of the Jewish Community Federation and Endowment Fund

San Francisco Department of Children, Youth & Their Families

Morris B. Stulsaft Foundation

Partial Listing
* May their memory be a blessing

Olive Tree Society

The Olive Tree Society honors those individuals who have created a lasting legacy by including the JCCSF in their estate plans or through the creation of a named endowment fund. Their lasting investment ensures the future of the JCCSF as a vibrant center for Jewish values and community life for generations to come.


Walter O. Choy Fund

The Gaia Fund Endowment for Jewish Programs

Gallanter Family Fund

JoAnn & Paul Gillis Fund for the Diller Family Preschool

The David B. Gold Fund for Youth & Family

Goodstein Perkovic Family Fund

The Hearst Early Childhood Education Scholarship Fund

Grete A. Hofman Fund

The Kanbar Fund for Media & Technology

Betty M. Mann & Family Fund for Senior Services

Betty and Maurice Mann Family Fund

Miriam Mondry Endowment Fund

Larry Myers Endowment Fund for Senior & Émigré Services

The Pritzker Family Lecture Endowment Fund

The Myrna Rosen-Klein Scholarship Fund

The Claude & Louise Rosenberg Fund for Early Childhood Education

Ori Sacks Endowment Fund

Sarlo Family Fund for Émigré Services

Schneider Fund for Senior Programs

The Janet & Albert Schultz Fund for Jewish Education

Allison Huegel & James Sergi Fund for the Rosenberg Center for Early Childhood

Gary Shupin Youth Scholarship Fund

The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation Endowment Fund


Anonymous (4)

Myrna & Stuart Aronoff

Susan Beer

Natasha & Nathaniel Bergson-Michelson

Harry Blumenthal*

Dolores & Jerome Braun

Sylvia Cherin*

Ilse Elias*

Ellen & Barry Finestone

Linda & Sanford Gallanter

Goldie Garelick*

Sadye Garfinkel Endowment Fund of the JCEF

Deborah & Steven Goodman

Shelley W. Gottlieb

Eric Hassall

Greta A. Hofman*

Maurice Kanbar

Charlotte Knaebel*

Miriam Koschmieder*

Lillian Lewin*

Sharon Litsky

Betty Mann*

Corrine Massey*

Bruce Cohen & Gale Mondry

Peter James Neubauer

Caryl Ritter

Marsha Rosenbaum

Toby & Sally Rosenblatt

Gerald Rosenstein

Jordan Sachs

Hilda Schneider*

Barbara Shupin*

Joelle Steefel

Roselyne C. Swig

Pat E. Weidy*

Raphael Yalkovsky*

Esfir & Efsei Zalan

Partial Listing
* May their memory be a blessing


Support & Revenue

Fitness Center $12,732,000
Program Revenue $13,645,000
Contributions & Grants $3,955,000
Investment Income, Net $548,000
Ancillary Services $2,093,000
Miscellaneous $632,000
Special Events, Net $742,000
Total Revenue $34,347,000


Program Services
Fitness Center $8,774,000
Early Childhood Education $6,909,000
Adult $6,311,000
Youth & Family $5,322,000
Ancillary Services $2,114,000
Total Program Services $29,430,000
Supporting Services
Management & General $5,271,000
Development $1,521,000
Total Supporting Services $6,792,000
Total Expenses $36,222,000
Total Expenses
Less Depreciation
updated 11/17/2015

This condensed financial information has been derived from the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco's financial statements for the year ending June 30, 2015. These financial statements have been audited by Hood & Strong LLP. For a complete copy of the 2014 – 15 financial statements, please contact Adrian Breitfeld, Chief Financial Officer, at abreitfeld@jccsf.org or view financials online.

Next Up

The JCCSF is constantly changing and growing – reinventing the ways we connect to community, explore Jewish identity and create wellness.

In 2015 – 16, we're bringing a new crop of artists, authors and entrepreneurs to the stage and to personal devices all over the world. We're exploring Judaism as an evolving civilization, and we're discovering ways to support our users in enhancing their physical, spiritual and intellectual wellness. And we're continuing to build partnerships throughout the Bay Area to create new opportunities for community service.

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